Whatever the case, You can not ignore part of a problem and get there at a real answer. So when it comes to managing your life, you have to learn to determine what lies beyond the painful moments. If you are doing, you will often find, things finished perfectly.The thing we don't know though is how traumas program us. Here again, we believe there's… Read More

A five pointed star, encased by an outer circle. Adopted by the very first pagan practioners, it is often witnessed with it's apex pointing upward towards the Divine.   The Pentagram is really an ancient image with many various meanings and representations. Among the first is that the four reduced points symbolize the four components of the entire… Read More

Jung manufactured reference to contents of the category of your unconscious psyche as getting much like Levy-Bruhl's use of collective representations or "représentations collectives," Mythological "motifs," Hubert and Mauss's "classes in the creativity," and Adolf Bastian's "primordial feelings." He also called archetypes "dominants" thanks to th… Read More